Best YouTubers to Follow For (Web)Design & Frontend


My girlfriend was and is still watching vlogs on a regular base. As interested as I am I thought, hey maybe there are some people for me to follow as well. About 8 years ago I followed Shane Dawson but that was it. I started to search and came across some awesome YouTubers. They have talks about design, webdesign, front-end, back-end, UX, UI and all the other stuff interesting for web developers. Here is my list of 10 YouTubers I watch on regular base and so should you!

  1. Flux (Ran Segall)
  2. Gary Vaynerchuk
  3. Mackenzie Child
  4. Sketch Together
  5. Funfunfunction
  6. Ihatetomatoes
  7. Sarah Doodly
  8. The Futur
  9. CharliMarieTV
  10. Sander Volbeda

More infomation about the YouTubers is below here! Find out which YouTubers you might want to subscribe to.

The Youtubers:

Flux (Ran Segall)

It’s ridiculous how fast this guy has grown his channel. I’ve been following him for more than a year and he’s becoming big! Ran posts a video every week day. His videos are focused on design, freelancing and start-ups. He’s sponsored by Webflow not because of the money he gets from them but the love he has for the tool. By far Ran Segall is one of my favorites and he will be big on YouTube.

Gary Vaynerchuk

This guys is just badass! If you need motivation and you don’t know this guy yet, watch his videos. He’s uploading every day. His videos are about entrepreneurship, networking, social and more and there’s nobody like him. So next time you’re not motivated, watch his videos.

Sketch Together

AWESOME SOUND EFFECT – If you want to stay up-to-date as a designer, this is your guy. With his Design Digest weekly show he brings you up-to-date about what happened in the design world that week. He’s speaking with awesome creators that he supports. Besides that he’s creating awesome tutorials and crash courses.

Mackenzie Child

Overworking himself, yeah that’s Mackenzie Child! Creating awesome side projects for himself, and to share with the world, he’s one of my favorite guys besides Ran. Mackenzie is focused on design and developed a course to help developers design things. He’s personal and shows not only his results but also the progress of how he did things. He did a challenge with himself for daily vlogging, he posted a video every single day! Too bad he stopped doing that after he completed the month. None the less, subscribe to this guy.


There aren’t many back-end developers on YouTube, at least I couldn’t find good once. But wow, this guy is awesome. He has so much knowledge and experience! Besides that, he uploads on regular basis. You can ask him questions and he might even answer them in his videos. I’m personally new to front-end and back-end so some of his videos you’ve got to have some knowledge already before you can understand them. Go for it! Give it a try and subscribe to his channel.


This dude shares everything he knows! I really loved his series where he deconstructs other websites to gain some insights in them. If you’re a back-end developer you should definitely subscribe to his channel. He also loves React and has many tutorials on it, besides that he has other tutorials focused on specific programming languages.

Sarah Doodly

Sarah isn’t so big yet as the other names I’ve shown in this list. But Sarah is all about user experience, and not the basics. She’s really into user experience and is telling all the do and don’ts, you don’t believe me? Sarah is giving great UX speeches at big events. Follow her if you’re sure you want to do something with UX! I’m looking forward seeing her growing her channel.

The Futur

For design, you’ve got to follow this channel. It’s mostly focused on logo, poster and magazine design and that kind of stuff. It’s really awesome and this channel will definitely help you to become a better designer. Also this channel will help you to create a awesome portfolio, get a job in design or tell you about how to freelance! It’s a big channel with over 150.000 subscribers, they have basic and advanced content on regular basis. Worth to subscribe to!


Charli in London! Living in a very expensive city, how is she managing to survive there as a designer. How and what does she do? She answers it all in her vlogs. She’s a real creator and a example for many people that want to learn design, want to freelance or want to create just like her. What I really like about her is that she’s so normal like the rest of us. She’s working hard and getting there by doing so.

Sander Volbeda

Oooow did you know this guy? No? Now you know him, it’s me! Why did I put myself on the list? I’m not sure yet. After the summer ends, I will start with weekly videos on my channel about branding, webdesign and front-end development. I hope that you will subscribe to my channel and give feedback so I can as well grow like the people in this list above me.

Too bad Devtips from Travis Nielson isn’t in this list anymore, because of a burnout he’s not that active anymore.

Thanks for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it, if you’re interested in growing your Instagram account like I do feel free to read my post about how I got my first 100 followers within two weeks.