How to create a website, all the steps.

Website all the steps for creating one

How to create a website as a developer? Roelof, the other blogger on this blog, came to me with the question if I wanted to write an article about how to create a website. By this, he didn’t mean how to code it, but all the steps from concept to design. So yeah, let’s do this.

This will be an article in which you can find links to all the other articles that together will create a step by step list about how to create a website. From this article, there will be links to four other articles listed below.

  1. Flow chart, functionalities and concept
  2. Wireframes and prototyping
  3. Designing the website
  4. Deliverables to developers

Why these four steps? These are the basics you’ve got to know to be able to create a solid website. So what information will there be in those articles?

  1. Flow chart, functionalities and concept
    This article will tell you about how to create a good flow chart for your website and which free programs you could use to create them. How do you decide what functionalities you want to have and how to create a concept for your website.Read this article (expected on 20-09-2017)
  2. Wireframes and prototyping
    Never forget to create wireframes and if needed a prototype of your website. After you’re done with this, designing will be a lot easier! Of course, which (free) tools to use are in this article as well.Read this article (expected on 27-09-2017)
  3. Designing the website
    Pfff do I have to design? YES! Let’s try to make it fun. In this article, there are some in and outs about how you can design a website, without spending hours and hours on it that you don’t have. There will also be something in here about user experience design and which (free) programs you could use to create a website.Read this article (expected on 04-10-2017)
  4. Deliverables for developers
    Last but certainly not the least. This article contains information and checklists of which things developers should have to be able to code quickly. It’s not necessarily focused on HTML and CSS but more on the things front-enders need to get going.Read this article (expected on 11-10-2017)

This article is created for developers that can’t yet design or want to get some extra knowledge. Of course, if you’re a new designer this article might be the one for you as well. Developers often have to wait for a designer to design little things, but if they could somehow do it themselves, it might save time and it also may add some fun to the work! There’s a but, you’re not a pro yet after these articles. Many designers have studied and worked hard to gain all the knowledge they have about design – if you have them within your company – ask them questions why they design things that way. This might help you to understand the thoughts behind a design.

Also be aware that design is a creative process. You can’t always have awesome ideas and sometimes it takes some time to create the awesome website you want to have. Be patient my (young) padawan. To boost creativity drink some coffee, but not too much. Check what leading companies do and check if you can implement something of that. Don’t forget to sport, this also helps to stay creative.

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