Fit Dev/Design community


Hello there! Welcome to another blog. This blog will be a little bit different from our normal once. For a little while Roelof Jan and I have been thinking about something that might be our next side-project, the fit dev/design community, besides this blog. I would like to take some of your time and explain our idea.

How we got to this idea

Roelof Jan and I always have been those people that wanted to sport, stay healthy and be active. But doing so in combination with our jobs as developers and designers isn’t always easy. So we were thinking about how we could solve this problem.

Our fit solution

There’s a problem! YEAH! This means it’s time for a proper solution which we hope we have. About the sitting all day we can’t do much except to tell you to go to your boss and ask for a standing desk. Are they to expensive? Nope, you can buy them at the Ikea.

Our idea is to create a specific community to help developers and designer to stay healthy and be active during the work day. How will we do this? Well by writing more blogs and creating vlogs about how to stay healthy. All of these things we will create will be positive, we hate negativity! But also to help you figure out what sports you might like for example.

Fitbit challenges

One of our idea is to be able to do challenges with other developers/designers. This can easily be done with the Fitbit, so in that way we only have to create a way to come in contact with other developers/designers to challenge.

At least we want to try to integrate activity tracks to measure our activity and try to help you to set goals. Of course if you reach your goal we want to challenge you to increase your goals.

Meal prep

Being lazy doesn’t mean to always eat unhealthy. We will show easy recipes so even you can do some meal prepping. You can do this for your lunch, diner and maybe even for your breakfast. Trust me, this will save you a lot of time and thinking.

Training schedules

Another idea we’re thinking off are training schedules for some different kind of sports. But we’ve got to work together with other people and find sponsors to help realize this, so this is far away for now.

Blogs and vlogs

With the blogs we will write for this project we hope to inspire as well as informative you about staying healthy and active. We will write blogs about which apps you could use to improve your health and stuff, yeah we’re still nerds right. Besides blogs we might even start with vlogging and who knows even podcasts.

What do you think?

This is still a concept idea for a fit developers/designers so we’re really wondering how you think about this. Is this something you would use or be interested in? Please let us know, you can always send me a mail or so on or hit me up on social media.


So I hope you enjoyed this blog and feel motivated to get things done and make things easier for yourself. Follow me on Instagram @sandervolbeda or on Twitter @sandervolbeda. Also, don’t forget to like our Facebook page so you will always know when there’s a new blog online. Thanks for reading and if you’ve any questions don’t hesitate to ask me.

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