Freelancing Or Go Working For A Company

No freelancing

In this short post I want to tell something about freelancing and why it doesn’t suit everybody. While you’re a freelancer you’ll experience more stress than when you’re working for an agency. Freelancing is very stressful, because you’ve got to manage everything yourself. There are definitely some pros and cons to freelancing and I will list them down below later on.

Nowadays everybody wants to be a freelancer which is understandable. We’re living in an era where people want freedom to decide at what times they start working. Working from 09:00 to 17:00 is “old skool”! Some people like to start early, while others might work best later on in the day. But working from 09:00 till 17:00 isn’t that bad.

Freelancing Or …

When working for an agency you always have structure (at least, lets hope so). You’ve got a reliable income which is really really nice! Besides that, if you’ve got a nice job and you finish at 17:00 you don’t have to worry about your work anymore. You can focus on sports or other things to relax yourself. Besides that, you’re in contact with your colleagues every day, which means you can be social!

The Social Part

Working as a freelancer might be lonely for some people. While working at an agency you’ve got to be social. If your work is nice and you have colleagues around your age, there is a good chance that you’ll make some friends there! This is very handy when you’ve just moved to a new city or something like that. People know people, so by making friends on the work floor you can meet new people by hanging out with your colleagues. Of course you can always say I’m going to work at an agency for 3 days and do my freelance stuff for the rest of the week. That’s an option as well!

Money Money Money

With freelancing you can earn a lot more money then working for an agency. But you don’t have the steady income! If you don’t have income, how are you going to pay for everything? This is stressful. If you’ve got a bad month and can’t find any clients, you won’t make the money you still need. Money is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome for most people┬áto become a freelancer. It’s a big and stressful risk, but if it works out and you can manage everything, you’re awesome!

Freelancing is About

When you’re a freelancer you’re not only doing the work you love. For example, if you love designing logo’s and you’re only designing logo 20% of your time. Is that something you can handle? Because you’ve got to find new clients, do personal branding, administration, and many more things. This will take up so much time, more time then you expect. Besides that, it’s really to hard to motivate yourself sometimes. You’ve got to do everything yourself! At least most freelancer will have to.

Pros and Cons Working at Agency/Company

+ Steady income
+ Social
+ Less stress
+ Focus on your discipline
+ Time to learn

– Managers and directors
– No flexible times
– Have to defend your decisions internally
– Learning time
– Got your own work space at the office

Pros and Cons Working as Freelancer

+ Different kind of assignments
+ Manage your own time
+ Create awesome stuff
+ Higher income
+ Work from wherever you want

– No steady income
– Administration
– Find new clients
– Personal branding
– Work when you should relax (stress)


In September I will write a post to explain all the pros and cons of working for somebody else and freelancing. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and that you’re looking forward to the next post.