Updates for nrdTalks


Behind the scenes we’re working as hard as we can on our updates for the next version of nrdTalks. We’ve got this fantastic minimalistic version online, but there aren’t really any features that make it easier to search for relevant information.

Why did we start with such a minimal blog? Well that answer is quite easy. To push ourselves to create content instead of worrying about what the layout should look like. So what’s next?


  • Search functionalities
  • Filter by category
  • Animation to make the website more awesome
  • Image caching for a quicker load time
  • Pagination or load more function
  • Optimised design for 1920px screens and up


Core features:

  • Add podcasts and video features, so we can share our vlogs.



  • About us page
  • Authors pages
  • Contact page
  • Affiliate pages with the tools we use


This is where we will go with our next update. We’ve updated our server, so no crashes anymore, we hope.


Sander and the other nerds.