What are you using? WAMP, XAMPP, MAMP, STOP! Valet…

What if I could tell you that all the {W|X|M}AMP(P) are way too much work for my comfort what would you think? Besides the fact that they all end on “AMP” (yes you know it all, one has a P more than the others) they are also work the same as all others.

Would you believe me if I told you that I have a revolution for you, Valet! What if …

you want to serve a project for development in no time at all, Valet.

and want to have it all working with separate domain names, Valet.

you want to share your work with your customer, Valet.

you want to develop on a windows machine, sorry but Valet is only available for OSX at this moment.

Serving a development environment, most of you know the hassle of having to setup a virtual machine for this purpose. Everyone that looked into this or worked with it knows a tool to make this easier. Still you will have some work in it to spin it up for a new project. You’ve got the group that doesn’t even want to have the hassle and just stay at the {W|X|M}AMP(P) tools. It is pretty easy to setup, use and alter. But they still miss some features as for instance having a separate domain for every project.

Valet brings you the solution!

With a simple install you can “park” Valet with a simple “valet park” command and serve all folders by “www.name.dev”. Now you think, haha but then I still have to do “www.name.dev/public” if I use the Laravel framework. Nope, since Valet is made by the creator of Laravel. A known contributor it is recognizing that is needs to serve a Laravel application. It means it will automatically serve the public folder of your application.

But that it is made by Laravel doesn’t mean anything.

It is out of the box configured to recognize a bunch of frameworks such as WordPress, CodeIgniter and others (for the whole list see the documentation). When your go to framework is not in there, don’t be bummed out. You should be able to very easily make a custom driver yourself.

So since you’re still reading I assume Valet got your attention.

This should already be a awesome set of features but maybe it didn’t hit the wow factor yet. But this will be saving this for the last part if it wasn’t the best feature in my opinion. When you are developing and you want to share some new feature with your customer you normally have to upload it somewhere. After that you need to give this ip address to your client and to make matter worse, it needs to be SSL encrypted.

Valet gives you the share command, a nifty tool that is not more difficult than typing valet share. When you did that you’ll see a list of urls that are accessible for people all over the internet. Share the url with your client and you can get direct feedback on what you are doing.

So if you are interested in the use of this great tool, go to www.laravel.com/docs/valet. There you’ll find a easy guide to install and use valet.

That’s it for my first post! I hope you enjoyed it and I tell me in the comments what you think of valet.

Tell me if you are going to use it or if you have any questions, just contact me on twitter @JCombee and i’ll try to answer them.

Keep on hacking and have a nice day!